fantastic paintings | 1/?? | The Raft of Medusa by Théodore Géricault

Based on the 1816 shipwreck of the Medusé, the painting depicts the remaining survivors who were forced to endure dehydration, starvation and cannibalism in an attempt to reach the African coastafter the ship had run aground. After hearing of the largely publicized tragedy, Géricault became obsessed with recreating the scene. So much so that he studied dying patients at a nearby hospital, spent hours perfecting the color of deceased skin and even taking severed body parts back to his studio. Upon showing his work he was met with praise for his abilities, but galleries and jurors were hesitant to promote it due to its graphic content. Eventually, the painting found success and is today recognized as one of the most important works from the Romantic period. It is currently displayed at the Louvre Museum | x

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