Let’s be clear: good writing encapsulates the world even when it acts apathetic about it. Even solipsistic auto-biographies represent some time, somewhere specific. Everything, even fantasy novels, are a snapshot. Good writing references the exterior world in order to cultivate its own interior. Therein is the magic. Writing referencing the exterior world, even if it’s to make a point, also reveals the personal.

In a piece I’ll be posting on Poictesme's site, to be launched next week, I admit my early biases against “social” writing. If I had met the Amendment staff earlier, I’d have changed my mind. While shadowing them, no one ignored story over message, or vice versa. Amendment understands you can do both. You don’t have to retread into your own neuroses, and a subject’s potency alone doesn’t make it worth reading. There was a small controversy with their publisher, who asked the next issue of Amendment be less pornographic. The publisher is missing the point; Amendment isn’t empty shock value. Like anything possessing worth, it challenges.

There’s going to be an Amendment release party tomorrow, on Monday at the Commons in Virginia Room B, 8:00 pm. There will be readings. There will be refreshments. According to their publisher, there will be pornography. Everybody wins. Christopher Sloce